Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ciudad tradicional: Colorful Campeche, Mexico

Campeche was founded in 1540 at the site of an ancient Mayan city named Kimpech. Its location on the Gulf of Mexico made it susceptible to pirate attacks, so a fort and defensive wall were constructed. Much of the original wall remains, and the city within the walls is listed as a World Heritage Site.

This is what the historic section of the city looks like from above. Notice the regular grid plan.

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We'll start off at the square you see in the upper part of the picture.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ciudad tradicional: A Look at San Luis Potosí

Mexico, unlike its neighbors to the north, is filled to the brim with traditional-style cities. Most of these cities were founded during the brutal Spanish conquest, but some pre-Columbian sites remain from previous inhabitants. This is the first post in a series showing some of the wonderful pre-automobile towns that Mexico has to offer.

San Luis Potosí was founded in 1592 by miners. The city was named after the famous mining town of Potosí in modern-day Bolivia. SLP's center is home to some of the finest colonial architecture in all of Mexico.
For example...

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The allure of by-lanes & cobbled streets

This is an awesome page I stumbled upon today. Scroll through the pictures for a while.

Cunda, Turkey

This is what I mean by "traditional" urbanism! Life without cars is beautiful.